WiFi in Manor Road

Wireless networks available at Manor-Road are:

Eduroam (Central IT Services)

OWL (Central IT Services)

MRB-Visitor (Manor Road specific)

Eduroam is a worldwide initiative available in participating institutions and is widely available across Oxford. OWL is an Oxford only service and requires you to run the Oxford VPN service for an Eduroam type experience or to have visitor credentials (from a sponsoring department) if you are visiting Oxford.

MRB-Visitor is similar to OWL and is administered by Manor Road departments. The main difference is integration with existing Manor Road processes and theoretical bandwidth improvements over OWL. Both OWL and MRB-Visitor cater for visitors from outside Oxford on short visits to the University. If you have a requirement for visitor access in Manor Road please contact one of the consituent department admin teams for assistance.

Eduroam and OWL (with VPN) are implemented locally by Manor Road IT but are Central IT Services for more information please see the link below.