Using Department Large Canon Printers

If you are printing from a device managed by ITSG in your department (usually a desktop PC with a wired network connection) you will have access to the Social Sciences Secure Print Device. This will appear in your list of printers when you try to print (or in your print settings if you look there).

If you are printing from a department laptop that is sometimes connected to a wired network connection in the building (via a docking station) this will also be the case.

If you are printing from a department laptop wirelessly either in the building or from home you will need to setup the Anywhere Print device in order to access the printers (

In all cases, once you have the printer available to you, you can print and then release the job from the printer of your choice in your department. To do so you will need to tap your card on the card reader and it will allow you to print.

On the first time that you tap your card you will need to login manually using the printer touchscreen. You need your SOCSCI username and password to do this. You will have received these details when your account was created via ITSG or your department. These same details allow you to login to an ITSG managed desktop in the building. If you are unsure please email ITSG to ask.

Once you have typed these details in successfully you will not need to do so again in future and will be able to simply tap your card and access your print jobs.