Stata is a very commonly used package within the Social Sciences Division and is used across departments for both teaching and research. Access to Stata is currently available as follows:

  • Academic Staff: device licence for up to three devices (Windows or MacOS). In the first instance contact your department Head of Administration and Finance, we will help with licencing, cost and purchase.
  • Students: Eligible students - as determined by your department -  you will access a portal and register for the download and licence details which you can install and run on your own device at no cost. More detail below.


Eligible (determined by your department) students will have received an email similar to the one below the early weeks of term. Note that the links change each year so please refer to your inbox:

Important Please Read: Stata Access


Good afternoon,

Your department provides Stata to support your study while in Oxford. It is provided to you as a 1 year licence to Stata IC Version 16. It is available for Windows, Apple and Linux computers.

In order to register for a licence, activation code and to access the software please visit the link below. You will need:

Your name; Your Oxford SSO Username (e.g. sant4712); Primary University email address (highly likely your college). To check this open Outlook > Click on Address Book > Type your name into the search box > Double click on your name when it appears in the list > Click the E-mail Addresses Tab and check the Email address beside the first SMTP entry at the top of the list of E-mail Addresses. 

If this doesn’t work please double check the information that the University holds for you and try again. If you are still unsuccessful contact support using the options below.

You will receive an email once you have completed the registration process and that email will contain the details that you need in order to download, install and activate Stata.




If you did not recieve an email please contact your course administrator for confirmation of your eligibility. If you did recieve an email and are having issues downloading the software please contact your department to check that your details are correct.

Many thanks and enjoy your study.