VPN - Access Department File Storage

The Oxford VPN services enables you to access your department file storage from your own device (Windows or MacOS).

To do this please contact itsupport@manor-road.ox.ac.uk using the subject "VPN Drive Map" and we will send you the necessary details to complete the steps below.

Once you have installed the Cisco VPN software https://help.it.ox.ac.uk/network/vpn/index you can then use the informaton provided via your request (outlined in the step above) to connect to your Depatrtment Share by Mapping a Drive in Mac or Windows as detailed below:

To map a drive in Windows explorer:

  • Right click my computer and select map network drive
  • Pick a drive letter
  • In the folder line type \\filestore.socsci.ox.ac.uk\<enter_user_specific_path_here>
  • 'Reconnect at logon' will make the drive map persistent - but note that it will not be able to conect until you run the VPN.
  • When prompted for username and password, tick 'Connect using other credentials'.
  • In the user-name field type socsci\<Username> - use your Socsci username and password

To map the drive on a Mac

  • 'command + K' should bring up the connect to server window
  • Type smb://filestore.ox.ac.uk/<folder/folder/etc>
  • When prompted for your credentials use socsci\<Username> - your Socsci username and password