Service Request Forms

For some request types we have Microsoft Forms to structure them in order to simplify and speed things up for you. These items represent common, standardised, repeatable procedures. You need to be logged in with Oxford SSO to access these (and authorised by your department to make the request). Most are restricted to department identified responsible persons.


🆕 Ask for a software installation on a device if you don't have administrator rights to do this.

🆕 Request a change to Manor Road Building Seminar Room setup.

🆕 Schedule a Manor Road Building Seminar Room 1:1 Support Session.

🆕 Request a Wired Network Port For Your Office.

🆕 Complaint Form. We hope you don't need it, but if you have a complaint please use this form.


Staff Related Activity:

👩🏼‍💼 Request a New User Account (New Employee): - for new staff, visitors etc.

💨 Notify ITSG of a Leaver (Information Security Compliance): - for when someone leaves the department.

🔁 Extending Department IT Access for Card Renewals: - let us know if someone gets a new card or an extension to their contract.

🛎️ Book a new starter induction meeting: Click here to book. - Arrange a time for somone with a new device to get setup with an ITSG team member in attendance.

🙋‍♀️ Request an Academic Visitor Account: Click here to submit the request. 

🔧 Request An Activation Code for SSO Accounts: - Speak to your line manager or departmental administrator for further assistance.


Device Related Activity:

💻 Request a Device Setup (Use for reissued or new equipment): - Let us know that you have purchased a device.


Access to Department Filestore

🔐 Request Access to Files and Folders: - Let us know which files/folders you need someone to access and we will add them to the correct security groups to enable this.


Forms Available to anyone with an SSO account:


📢 Feedback. Tell us how we did and help us to keep improving: - We are always looking for ways to do what we do better, so let us know how we did and what could be improved.

☹️ Complaint Form. If your experience was beyond sub-optimal and a feedback form isn't sufficient please use this form. We will record your name to follow up and the information may be shared with individuals in the team and - depending on the type and severity of the complaint - other University teams if appropriate.

🧑‍🏫 Request an AV/IT Equipment Setup Change in Seminar Rooms (Lecture Theatre, A, C, G, D, E).  Everyone with an SSO can access this form

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Schedule a Seminar Room 1:1 Support Session. If you intend to use the Seminar rooms in Manor Road and are unfamiliar with the setup or want to run through your planned use for teaching or other presentation please contact us to arrange a date to meet with you and answer your questions:

🏢 Request a Wired Network Port For Your Office. If you are new your department will have arranged this in advance. If you are an existing user changing locations you can request a port for your device here. Note that usually these changes will be handled by your department Professional Services team, however for cases where this isn't being managed as part of a new person request or the need has slipped through a gap in office changes you can use this form.