Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Shared Mailboxes

MFA Advice for Shared Mailbox Owners

If you have received communications from IT Services about Shared Mailboxes for which, you are the owner here are some key points to bear in mind as you consider the best path forward:


This is a great opportunity to review if the mailboxes are still in use and/or are still required.

If they are no longer needed you can request a deletion using the IT Services Self-Service pages here. Use the option "Delete Generic Account".


It is also a good opportunity to check if the mailbox owner is up to date and relevant. If you decide that the current owner is not appropriate, a change of ownership can be requested using the IT Services Self-Service pages here. Use the option "Generic Account Ownership Change".


If the mailboxes are still required you can remove the password (and need for MFA) by using the IT Services Self-Service. Use the option "Remove Password (SSO) from a Generic Account"


You may decide to delay if you haven't had time to consult with colleagues and others. Again, you can use the IT Services Self-Service portal to request this. Use the option "Delay to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)"


Finally in very special circumstances you can request an exemption. Visit the IT Services Self-Service portal and use the option "Exemption from Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)"


For more information about the MFA for Shared Mailboxes project and to receive support from IT Services please visit: MFA: Secondary Accounts | IT Services Programmes and Projects (