Install Kofax (PowerPDF) PDF Editor

Nuance Power PDF Advance

(only available for university owned Windows devices)


1. Visit

2. Put a tick in the box next to “Power PDF Advanced 4.0” (on the first page)

3. Click “Download”

4. Depending on the browser you are using, you may get a prompt to open or save the folder, select “Save”

This can take some time to download depending on the network


1. Once the download has completed open the file (this may happen automatically, if so, do not open any more folders (you should just see “Power PDF Advanced 4.0”))

2. Drag and drop the folder “Power PDF Advanced 4.0” to your desktop

3. Make sure all other programs are closed

4. Open the folder and double click the file “Run to install”* (you will receive two prompts during install that you will need to click yes to)

* You may get a “Windows protected your PC” popup if so select “More info” and/or “Run anyway”