Eduroam WiFi

Note: On a laptop you can use the Eduraom Configuration Assistance Tool (Eduroam CAT) with an OWL wirless network connection - you can bypass the OWL visitor login and type:

To connect to Eduroam you will need your Remote Access Account and Password. Go to the Self Registration Homepage to set up a Remote Access Account if you do not already have one - or reset if you have forgotten it.

The eduroam CAT ensures a standardised setup of devices and assurance that the configuration will work most effectively with eduroam. More information about Eduroam (and OWL) is available here:


1. Go to and choose Oxford University

2. Download the installer for your operating system

3. Run the Installer and enter your REMOTE ACCESS USERNAME (ensuring that you append it with @OX.AC.UK) and your REMOTE ACCESS PASSWORD  

On a mobile device the CAT is delivered via an App - unfortunately OWL Visitor won't allow you to access the Google Play or Apple App store to do this - and so you may be best served to do this configuration step before you come into the department/college/other University building.

If the configurator does not work or you haven't been able to download the CAT App please try the manual instructions on the IT Services website HERE, the steps are few and relatively simple.