Remote Device Core Setup List

Core Setup List

On completion of the Remote Device Setup Process the following will have been achieved:

  • Access to University internal networks and systems securely using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN
  • Office365 applications installed to enable you to collaborate with colleagues
  • MS Teams installed so that you can communicate and meet with your team
  • Outlook configured for use
  • Access to Department folders and files available via Mapped Drives
  • Device will be protected by Sophos anti-virus software
  • Kofax Power PDF installed to allow the creation and editing of PDF files
  • OneDrive will be ready to use to collaborate
  • Edge will be logged in with your work account to remember your favourites and backup passwords
  • To support you in future your device will have the standard naming convention applied and an ITSG account added
  • A record made of information to manage the device lifecycle; asset tag & serial number